Jumat, 18 Februari 2011

Foto mesum Foto Seksi Belahan Dada Jasmine Leeds Wildblood Capture TV ( UPSKIRT )

foto payudara upskirt Jasmine Leeds Wildblood

Jasmine Wildblood Duty Work on Location Filming

Dividing time between lectures with lectures conducted by Jasmine Wildblood for both of them can walk. No doubt he also had trouble when given the task of the college and often worked on the set.

"If you do not shoot can do at home, but now at the location. Kerjain task is difficult because the location must often be left to live.'s Rather difficult," the story when we met on the sidelines filming PRINCESS Persari which were exchanged at the Studio, Jakarta, Thursday ( 23 /).

She did not want to leave acting to focus activities to the college and vice versa because for him all support each other and have the advantage because it is still in the same field.

"Fair to lessons, such as time of the first semester I could lecture about the film and the camera shot. In I already know basically, so it can better know anymore," she said.

With a very solid shooting schedule Jasmine Wildblood's parents never protested, even feel sorry for, and often reminded when there is time for rest is used to prevent fatigue on campus.

"Parents know the schedule because I was never angry solid baseball. At least remind when I have time using that location for sleeping, so the campus is not exhausted. They understand because it wants me out of here," said Jasmine Wildblood who berobsesi could complete college.

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