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Vietnam Bar Girls - How To Get Vietnamese Hot Women

vietnam-girls-vietnam-sexy-girls-vietnam-bar-girls-how-to-get-vietnamese-hot-women1Vietnam Girls - Vietnam Sexy Girls - Vietnam Bar Girls - How To Get Vietnamese Hot WomenIn this post we talk about all kind ofvietnamese GirlsVietnam Bar Girls and so on. Vietnam girls have many qualities ensuring that they are constantly in demand. I went to Vietnam 2 times already and one of the biggest reasons was the Vietnam sexy girls. One thing for sure is that Vietnamese girls are interested in foreign men, and they are looking for marriage rather than something more casual. Note thatVietnam girls have nothing to do with Thai girls Vietnam girls are more sophisticated, typically very shy, physically very feminine. Vietnamese women are raised to serve their man and be obedient to him. You can find Vietnamese hot women in every corner in Vietnam, from Hanoicapital an till Ho Chi Minh the old capital city.
Vietnamese women tend to be much more petite and feminine than the majority of westernized ladies are, a typical Asian upbringing engenders its women with the importance of manners and respect for others and that is one of the main reasons that are so attractive. Vietnam girls are more pretty than in Thailand and Philippines, the reason why the women in Vietnam look so beautiful is that they make a special effort to look good. They take pride in their appearance and enjoy looking their best. In Vietnam, the place to find Vietnam Bar Girls (hookers) are the night clubs, there are a lot of prostitutes but it is very difficult to differentiatehookers from normal girls. Generally Vietnam bar girls stand near the bar. Price of hookers is average 30 to 50 USD, But my opinion is that is easy to find girlfriend in Vietnam because they really like the westerns so is stupid to spent money for nothing.
Sexy Girls In The World, hot Girls In The World, Hot women worldGirls Of The World: Where Is The Most Hot And Sexy Women Worldwide. In this post I will talk about where I see the most beautiful, sexy and hot girls mostly during my journeys worldwide. As is my job to go out every night when I travel, I had the opportunity to meet 100s ofsexy girls from all over the world. So dont forget that in this article, is all about a personal experience and nothing more. But I’m sure that most of you, you will agree with my opinion! But I have to notice before I start that is nothing better in life then travel in different places and meet beautiful people. No meter what you are, Male or Female. But also don’t forget that everyone have different tastes and opinions!
1) Italian Girls!Italian-girlsGirls from Italy come first in to my list of theMost Sexy Girls Of The World, for many reasons. I found Italian girls most sexy because actually they are. Most of them have really perfect skin, they act like a small butterflies and they have the most tight bodies from all the Mediterranean women I have meet so far. Mediterantian culture makes them usually warm and friendly. Most of Italian girls tend to be extremely comfortable with their bodies, are hot tempered and the best part of all, is that they love passion and also want to show it. mostly like the Mediterranean macho type of male and love power and comfort. You don’t have any change if you look like a typical American.
2) Brazil Girls!Brazil-GirlsOkay before I visit to Brazil everybody tell me that I will get crazy with the women’s there. But I will tell you what the truth is: when you are in Brazil you will see 100 women walking on the street that at list 60 don’t look so bad, but from the 100 girls you will see one that you will not believe your own eyes. This girl is the one, but no only for you unfortunately the same opinion they will have all of the males in this world. She is going to be like women come out from comic book. Brazilian girls are mix of many cultures, you will find a lot of girls with native American eyes the breast of Portuguese and the ass of an Africa girl = The Perfect Women. Girls in Brazil like eyes contact and a smile can generally be taken as an invitation. Something that is almost forgotten in Europe and USA.
3) Japanese Girls!Japanese-girlsOkay, you like Asian girls? BecauseJapanese girls they represent why men’s like Asian women. Everybody knows about the Japanese culture right? So you know what I mean! White beautiful skin like a silk, mostly big breast that is really difficult to find to other Asian girls, and a culture that is dominated by men’s. Unfortunately I never visit Japan an till now but I plan to do it soon. Anyway I meet a lot of Japanese girls all around Asia. I don’t find it so easy to hang out with Japanese girls even if they like white guys more, but if you try just little more you can have success. I never see more beautiful faces in my life, Japanese girls are like an Angel, so sweet and at the same time so sexy.
4) Indian Girls!Indian-girlsMost of you when read this article they will wonder, why I include India girls in this post! Well some others they will find it so normal. Yes Indian woman have beautiful thick hair really pretty faces and nice tan skin. Although you will see may ugly and dirty girls in India some of them are the most  sexy women’s of the world especially those are actually actresses or dancers! When I was in North India and mainly in Delhi, every time I see an Indian lady on the bus, train or in the supermarket, they caught deeply my attention. The challenge of impressing a beautiful Indian girl involves successfully capturing her attention without compromising her integrity or degrading yourself.
5) Vietnamese Girls!
Vietnam-girlsVietnamese girls are the most beautiful girls in South east Asia! And some of the reasons must be that is a lot of mix there. I went to Vietnam 2 times already and one of the biggest reasons was the Vietnam girls. One thing for sure is that Vietnamese girls are interested in foreign men, and they are looking for marriage rather than something more casual. Note that Vietnam girls have nothing to do with Thai girls. Vietnam girls are more sophisticated, typically very shy, physically very feminine. The reason why the women in Vietnam look so beautiful is that they make a special effort to look good. They take pride in their appearance and enjoy looking their best.
6) Hungarian girls!Hungarian-girlsFor me Hungarian girls represents the beauty of the East Europe. I cant say that women in Russia are not sexy but I found them cold, also in countries like Poland girls are not so open and hot as they are in Hungary. The girls in Budapest are gorgeous! Typical Budapest girl stereotype is blond, tall, has plastic surgery breasts and dresses very well. Hungarian girls are easy going and love to be at the centre of attention. Budapest nightlife and party scene is packed with sexy Hungarian girls that looking for action.
7) Swedish Girls!Swedish-girlsI have them last in Most Sexy Girls Of The World, not because are not so pretty andsexy but mostly for the snob Swedish character! But lets face it, Swedish women are known for their hot sexy bodies and brilliant blonde hair. If you ask 100 males around the world at list 90 of them they will tell you that love Swedish girls. Most of Swedish girls are speak perfect English so is easy to talk with them, although there are shy and they have to be drunk to start show what they really want. They don’t flirt so much with eyes, and the best but stupid way is to wait for them to get drunk and start dancing. You have to also know that Swedish girls have very good taste in clothes and fashion so is really important how you look.

Im waiting your comments on Girls Of The World: Where Is The Most Hot Women Worldwide post.

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