Jumat, 18 Februari 2011

Nadine Alexandra Dewi Ames berfoto sexy !!

Nadine Alexandra Dewi Ames was born in England 23 May 1991 and has a height of 179cm Nadine is fluent in English and French. However, there are clumsy with this beautiful virgin, last night Nadine looked nervous in answering questions and he claimed not fluent in Indonesian. Nadine's new 3-year stay in Indonesia so that he is more fluent in English rather than Indonesian. with the election of Nadine Alexandra Ames goddess she will automatically become vice Indonesia at Miss Universe 2011 event next year. whether he could carry the name of Indonesia to the international level?

Earlier in Election Night Puteri Indonesia 2010, during the election Puteri Indonesia 2010, Nadine looks a little nervous when answering questions from the jury. For example, in round 5 big. Nadine got a chance to answer questions from Pierre perusset which then represented by Triesna Wacik. The question was a matter of opinion from Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu who said 'if the first step will determine our success next step'.

Nadine answer these questions using the English language fluently, "Lao Tzu's philosophy, in my opinion that the first step is very important. The first step will open our next step, we may be afraid to go first."
Jitters continue to be felt from the 19-year-old virgin when selected in the top 3 major joint Gorontalo Puteri and Puteri Alessandra Usman Khadijah DIY Reisa Kartikasari. In this round Nadine jury question which was read Choky Sitohang, as host to the Indonesian Language stammered.

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