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Sex Travel Places And World Sex Destinations - Pataya thailand

Pattaya Bar Streets - Soi 8 - Soi 7 - Soi 9 - Soi 6 - Soi 2Pattaya Thailand - Pattaya for me is the king of nightlife worldwide. You have to forget all that you know, here is the truth and only the truth.
Ladyboys, Prostitutes, Drugs and House music is synonymous with the name Pattaya. The extreme nightlife of Pattaya is more for sex tourism.
From south Pattaya an till Nakloua the city is surrounding from pubs, strip clubs and bars. The main streets in Pattaya is the beach road and the second road and between is small streets that they call soi, the most famous barstreets is the soi 7 soi 8, Soi 6 and the soi 2. Pattaya started to expand into a resort for American GIs that they come from a base in Nakhon Ratchasima with plenty of money to spend. This adult Disneyland is the place for strong night hawks. From the time you arrive you will not find rest.
And that is the reason that is first on our Top Sex Destinations, Sex Travel Places, World Sex Destinations post !

Walking Street Sexy GirlsWalking Street is in south Pattaya at the southern end of Beach Road, and you have to be drunk to follow the party. Walking Street is exactly what it sounds like. A stretch of road that is restricted to foot traffic only, there are night clubs, beer bars, Go Go Bars, discos, and restaurants for all kind of taste. Walking Street is generally recognized as the heart of Pattaya. Is perhaps one of the most hedonistic areas on the entire planet.  There are 100s of famous Go Go bars in Pattaya Walking street, to name some of them: Baby Dols Agogo, Beavers Table Dancing, Black and White Agogo, Carousel, Champion, Club Mistys, Dollhouse Agogo, Happy Agogo, Hooty’s, Living Dolls, New Living Dolls One Agogo, Shark Table Dancing, What’s Up Agogo.

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