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Girls In Rio: Rio De Janeiro Women And Prostitutes

Girls In Rio, Rio De Janeiro Women, ProstitutesGirls In Rio: Rio De Janeiro Women And ProstitutesRio De Janeiro women is the most hot women on planet. Okay not all of them, but when you visit Rio you will understand what I mean. You will see 100s of normal women but one of them it will be something that you never see before, is going to be so beautiful that is going to make you think that is not real women and that  is come out of comics or something. Girls in Rio are open minded and some of them can speak English as well. But for get laid in Brazil a definite step forward forpicking up the locals girls in Rio is to learn some Portuguese or talk at list Spanish. Many tourists to Rio de Janeiro arrive in Copacabana and find a girlfriend the same day on the beach, but unfortunately soon they found out that the girl was prostitute. Prostitutes in Rio are really expensive Price is about 100 to 150 US dollars, so I will suggest you to try normal girls.
Although you need to spent time in Rio to find what you really want, but if you don’t have the time, you can try your luck anyway if you are good looking guy. The best places to find young and sexy girls in Rio isIpanema Beach on the day and Lapa at night. Praia De Ipanema is where the summer happens in Rio, in one way you can say that the party comes to the beach. You’ll find the most beautiful Brazilian girls is posto 9. Lapa with out a doubt is the best nightlife district in Rio De Janeiro, from the moment you enter you can see people dancing in every corner. There are a dozen of beautiful sexy women in ever place in Rio but this places are the best. Rio De Janeiro women are mix of many cultures, you will find a lot of girls with native American eyes the breast of Portuguese and the ass of an Africa girl = The Perfect Women. Girls in Brazil like eyes contact and a smile can generally be taken as an invitation. Something that is almost forgotten in Europe and USA. Rio De Janeiro women likes more the Latin America style of men, so you will have more changes if you at list look like an Italian guy. So Don’t dress like a (gringo). What gringo means? Any white foreigner are gringos is like (Farang in Thailand). Are Brazilian girls in general jealous ? Oooo Yes.., they really are, but I want to take out the myth about that thing. Many of the sailors that I meet in my journeys they have tell me, that if you never go to Brazil never take 2 girls from the same town, because the girls are really jealous and can even kill you. That’s the biggest lie I never listen, or maybe was not lie and was only exist at that time, perhaps 1970 or something. Girls In Rio like to flirt and they show affection fast and often. But don’t forget Prostitutes are really for money in Brazil and the funny thing is that they charge almost the same price, even if they are fat and ugly. If you follow our Brazil gringo guide you will meet manynormal girls. Good luck.

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